Escaping from Urban Jungle

A journey through the most iconic looks of SS22.

Unusual colours, iconic patterns, bold combinations. The SS22 season never ceases to hold surprises us. Every look is enveloped in a dreamy  atmosphere, always halfway between the hellish jungle of the city and the coveted paradise of faraway pastel-coloured beaches.

Between evergreen pieces, new trends and seasonal must-haves, follow us on this journey to discover the true essence of casual.

Look 1. Dreaming California.




The journey could only begin with a note of colour: pink palm trees against a blue sky, the multicoloured print of the Endless Joy shirt is a hymn to spring advancing into summer. A promise of scorching happiness.

Perfect paired with loose Bonsai cotton trousers.

Shirt Endless joy. Trousers Bonsai



Look 2. Timeless Black&White. 


The black-and-white combination is a classic that never goes out of fashion. To refresh it, simply add a touch of softness, given in this case by the tapered lines of the floral pattern of the shirt and the off-white of the tailored wool shorts.

Blazer and cap to complete the look.

Jacket MM6 Maison Margiela. Shirt Aglini. Short CMMN SWDN. Hat A Cold Wall.


Look 3. Summer City Life.



SS22 celebrates the triumph of men’s coordinated.

Linen, cotton poplin and summer wool suits, breathable and heat-insulating, perfect for exploring the city in any type of weather. Not to be missed is the knitted bucket to protect from the blazing sun.

Shirt and short Grifoni. Hat Stussy.


Look 4. Ready for Paradise.



Iconic the 3.Paradis suit in white jersey with doves print, a symbol of purity that is at the same time the hallmark of the brand. To transform any summer evening into a night with a magical atmosphere.

Jacket and Trousers 3.Paradis.


Look 5. Starry Party.



Unforgettable days. Summer 2022 is all about simplicity and lightness. Like the plush shorts with star pattern Awake NY that are the distinctive element of this versatile and comfortable look. The accessories provide the equipment to tackle any mission.

Shirt Eytys. Backpack Alyx. Short Awake NY. Shoe A.W.P. Hat Stussy.


Look 6. Urban Jungle. 


The city is a jungle to be explored with the right attitude.

The Grifoni shirt and short suit is the perfect base on which to build a look where details make the difference: straw hat and wooden bag celebrate the love of nature and are suitable for any situation. Perfect at the beach, glamorous in the city.

Hat CMMN SWDN, Shirt and Short Grifoni, Bag CMMN SWDN.


Look 7. Tropical Vibes.



Tropical patterns have never really gone out of fashion. And indeed they are back in a big way this summer that makes us dream of escaping to unpolluted white beaches and crystal clear waters. The terry cloth bucket, super trend of the moment, could not be missing. Tropical paradise is one step beyond the hell of city life.

Shirt Endless Joy. Hat Kangol. Short CMMN SWDN. Swim Trunks Stussy.


Look 8. Back in Town.



The dream continues in the city. You just need to choose the right look to face the return to normality, mixing the comfort of denim shorts with the tarot pattern of the shirt, to bring with you a bit of mysticism and magic.

Shirt Laneus. Shorts Uniform Bridge.


Look 9. Peaceful Moments.  


Deserved relax. Treat yourself to a break wrapped in the softness of the Alyx hoodie. Because embracing comfort as a way of life doesn't mean sacrificing style.

Sweatshirt: Alyx.


Look 10. Desert Storm. 



Beige, sand, cream: these are the colours that takes us at the end of summer. Every moment has its look. Wide trousers, perforated shirt, knitted flat cap. Get ready to face the storm of the new beginning.

Shirt Bonsai. Hat Kangol. Trousers Uniform Bridge. Sneakers A.W.P.