Escentric Molecules: the new perfumery brand chosen by Strike



Escentric Molecules is not simply a perfume, but an ode to minimalism and the power of simplicity, an iconic fragrance of the 21st century

Escentric Molecules is the brand that could not be missing from the Strike collection: with its perfumes created from a single molecule, the brand conquers the public by playing with the olfactory perceptions of those who smell its fragrances and fall in love with them at first sight.

Discover Escentric Molecules, now available in the Strike selection of the best artistic perfumery brands.


Artistic perfumery, why?



In line with its constant search for emerging brands, innovative fabrics and materials, iconic and unconventional garments, Strike chooses to follow, also in the perfumery sphere, a less beaten path but one that is able to interpret the expectations of its customers in a more refined way.

Artistic perfumery is a "niche" art, which contrasts with commercial perfumery thanks to the intuition, olfactory sensitivity and passion of the Noses, master perfumers who are entrusted with the creation of unprecedented fragrances, able to stand out, to amaze and to be remembered.


Escentric Molecules: a journey between perfumery and chemistry




Escentric Molecules is perhaps the culmination of this journey through artistic perfumery: a brand halfway between art and science, celebrating perfumery and chemistry in equal measure, and a true tribute to the power of simplicity.

Born from the intuition of master perfumer Geza Schoen, the brand offers a few selected fragrances, presented in pairs, conceived to emphasise the perception of a single aromatic molecule, not existing in nature but created in a laboratory.


The story of the 'chemical' perfume created from a single molecule





Escentric Molecules was born from  chemistry, even before the art of perfumery.

It was 1973 when an artificial aromatic molecule, ISO E Super, was synthesised in the laboratory for the first time. It was used as the basis for numerous perfumes for both men and women, with a velvety, enveloping effect and a distinctive, irresistible aroma: a mixture of sandalwood and cedarwood with a light musky touch.

Geza Schoen was already familiar with this molecule and appreciated its aroma, but it was a bold intuition one evening that gave him the idea of creating a perfume containing nothing but ISO E Super in purity.

A perfume that, he thought, would only be appreciated by non-conformists and eccentrics. And instead, since its launch in 2006, it has continued to conquer new followers and seduce new generations with its unmistakable and irresistible aroma.


Escentric Molecules: the fragrances


Molecule 01, composed solely of the ISO E Super molecule, has become a true cult fragrance, the anti-fragrance fragrance that gave the go-ahead for the creation of other fragrances based on single aromatic molecules: Escentric Molecules 02 (molecule: AMBROXAN™), 03 (Vetiveryl Acetate), 04 (Javanol) and, the latest in 2020, Escentric Molecules 05 (Cashmeran).

All fragrances are presented in pairs, Molecule and Escentric, with the aim of exploring the characteristics and olfactory nuances of this single aromatic molecule that does not exist in nature.

Molecule is a true ode to minimalism, a fragrance that exclusively contains the aroma molecule in purity. Escentric, on the other hand, enhances the molecule by accompanying it with a single ingredient that enhances its central quality.

Thus Escentric Molecules, elected fragrance of the 21st century, takes us into the future.


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