Genderless, sustainability, luxury: here are the trends of men's fashion for next year

Respect for the environment, the breaking down of differences and boundaries, an essential come back to luxury. Let's discover together what will be the trends in men's fashion (and not only) in 2023


The key word might be "versatility".

If we were to try to summarize all the 2023 trends in men's fashion (and beyond), no other word would be a better guess.

Because versatile means flexible, chameleonic, fluid.

And these are the specific characteristics of a fashion that, at the dawn of the new 20’s, it’s in constant redefinition of itself, able not only to accept, but to reinterpret the incitements coming from the related worlds of culture, entertainment, modernity, making them its own and not giving up, in these uncertain times and crisis of socio-cultural superstructures, to have its proper thoughts and take sides, silently.

The trends that will characterize men's fashion in the near future can already be identified, essentially, in the new F/W 2022 fashion shows.

From Milan to Paris, the catwalks tell us about the epic of an industry, the fashion industry, which is slowly regaining its space by speaking the simplest and most universal language we know: that of sharing, respect for human beings and for the planet, the breaking down of barriers and, why not, a minimalist and fluid elegance.

Genderless, sustainability, luxury, meant as a product’s quality that,, while saving its exclusivity, aims to become more accessible to all in a buy less, get more perspective.

These are the trends of the next few years: let's take a closer look.



Iconic genderless blazer

If there is one item that, more than others, perfectly represents the concept of "genderless", that is the blazer.

Reproposed on the catwalks by prestigious maisons, the blazer is the garment par excellence that succeeds in expressing and synthesizing the genderless trend of fashion that is more and more fluid and non-conformist.

Comfortable and light, made out of a single material in different weights and designed to be combined with other elements for a unique mix&match, in the vision of Zegna; fitted and with a single button closure for Emporio Armani; out of an uniform that, provocatively, expresses freedom of choice for Miuccia Prada.

The blazer will definitely be a must-have item for next season. 

But it will not be the only one to narrate a genderless fashion.

The trouser skirt seen in Fendi show and Gucci's "maximalist" and glittery 70’s make-up for her and him are just two examples of how fluid the line between genders has become.

From Valentino to Maison Margiela 6, there are many brands that have decided to break down this boundary, first of all on the catwalk, proposing fashion shows with unisex garments worn indiscriminately by men and women.

In this perspective of liberation from the opposition between genders, we should also include the return of the Miu Miu men’s show, who had been missing from the catwalks since 2008 and rides, in addition to the gender fluid theme, also that of upcycling and reinterpretation of classic garments.

Standing out are the "vertical" garments of MM6 which, with its F/W 2022 collection, proposes a dive into the 90’s with double-breasted coats, classic tailored suits and oversized bomber jackets, another trend which, together with layering, promises to remain on the crest of the wave in the near future.


This is proved in the fashion show - also a gender mix - of 1017 Alyx 9SM, for the first time on the catwalk in Milan with a collection that suggests, develops and makes its own other leading trends of last recent years.

Oversize fits, layering, performance of materials: Matthew Williams works on functional outfits, highly technical, made of overlapping layers, as if to offer an armored protection from a different but still exhausting "wear and tear of modern life".


Sustainability, inclusion and ethical fashion

Eco-friendly yarns, recovery of vintage garments, artisanal production: this is how fashion respects the environment.

The theme of environmental sustainability is increasingly at the forefront, even in the world of fashion. The arduous task of promoting it, as often happens with novelties, falls to emerging young designers: at the Milan Fashion Hub, the fifth edition of "Designer for the Planet" sees brands such as Bennu, which recovers and gives new life to unsold vintage tailoring garments, focusing on the concepts of genderless and seasonless, or Acidalatte, which offers clothing and accessories with a kidcore aesthetic, handmade with recycled materials, winking at the patchwork and knitwear trend.

Not to forget the focus on the “Made in Italy”, with the project WAMI Collective  which opened an exhibition space dedicated to 5 emerging Italian designers, and also on Ethical Fashion, with Armani's "silent" fashion show and Balenciaga's tribute looks to Ukraine, created by Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia, as a sign of solidarity and brotherhood towards a country close to its own. Solidarity that also comes from Misbhv, a polish brand that has chosen to donate its profits to support Ukraine.

Apparently against the flow, the return of the "biker mood", of which Kanye West's leather boots for Balenciaga are the perfect example, offering not only classic jackets, but also waistcoats, dresses, trousers and tops.

Leather is soft, brushed, textured, a second skin to all intents and purposes, and offsets the issue of sustainability with that of a luxury that becomes accessible and, above all, is designed to last forever, thus reducing waste and consumptions.



From tailoring to sportswear, luxury becomes accessibile

Accessible luxury is another major trend that will dominate the scene in the next coming years.

Accessible not because it is less expensive, but because it is within everyone's reach and, above all, socially desirable, with a view to buying less and making it last longer.

In this perspective are born and developed the copious collaborations between sportswear and luxury brands: Salomon for MM6, Converse x Rick Owens DrkShdw, Adidas x Gucci, Birkenstock x Dior are just a few examples of the trend of breaking down barriers and mixing different styles, which is becoming increasingly popular.


So, while luxury brands are approaching tech materials, reinterpreting trends such as gropcore and sportswear, 2023 is preparing to mark a departure from streetwear style in favour of a more conservative fashion, promoting a return to the great classics.

From the pattern-cut to the colours, grey, black, brown and blue above all, the catwalks are filled with clothes that wink to tailoring, experimenting new styles and materials but heading towards the charm of a craftsmanship that fits like a second skin.


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