The coolest celebrity looks at the 2022 Grammy Awards

Givenchy, Versace and an increasingly loved and overpowering Rick Owens. Here are the coolest outfits worn by celebrities at the Grammy Awards 2022

The Grammy Awards have always been the event par excellence where music celebrities enjoy showing off irreverent looks, often going against the dictates of fashion and bon ton, ironic and almost always destined to go viral - and influence the style trends of the following season. As usual, these Grammy Awards 2022 did not disappoint our expectations: let's discover together the coolest outfits, which will become legend in the coming years.


Givenchy's timeless elegance

Saying Givenchy is like saying red carpet.

There are some brands that we tend to immediately associate with the looks of stars more than others: Givenchy is undoubtedly one of them.
Especially since American designer Matthew Williams, founder of 1017 Alyx 9SM, was appointed its creative director, Givenchy has made a real change to its final mood, combining the timeless elegance of the maison founded by Hubert de Givenchy with an attitude aimed at introducing themes such as inclusiveness and environmental sustainability.

Just to mention a few of the artists who choose a Givenchy look for the Grammy red carpet: Jack Harlow, in a very elegant total black double-breasted suit and shirt, Valentina Ferrer, in a sparkling maxi sequin dress, and J Balvin, also in a black suit but with a long jacket.

Blazer, great classic!

Oversized like the Balenciaga one chosen by Justin Bieber, rhinestone-studded for Giveon, sleeveless for Travis Barker - both in Givenchy - and tailored for BTS, all in Louis Vuitton suits. The blazer becomes a hit on the Grammy Awards red carpet, this year more so than usual. Because if it's true that wearing a blazer to an event is a safe choice, it's also true that, when it comes to international celebrities, the most obvious path is never the most beaten one.
The aim is first and foremost to amaze, riding on the most unusual trends, which, not by chance, this year see the great return of the blazer as the absolute protagonist of fashion, not only for men, an iconic and genderless garment par excellence.
We talked about it here.



Fancy looks

However, not everyone succumbed to the charming elegance of the blazer.
Among the most striking looks were the rock outfit worn by the legendary Lenny Kravitz, in black leather trousers and a silver mesh shirt, all by Natalia Fedner, and the white pearl- studded Balmain suit worn by LGBTQI icon Lil Nas X.
Even among the women, there was no shortage of stars who approached the red carpet at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas with creative flair: from Avril Lavigne's slightly gothic black tulle look to Saweetie's bold shocking pink Valentino with minimal corset, through to SZA's vintage choice in Jean Paul Gautier and Dua Lipa's black and gold Versace dress with a vague bondage effect.



Rick Owens revelation of the year

Certainly more sober and chaste was the look chosen by the very young queen of pop Billie Eilish, by Rick Owens, a designer who could be described as the discovery of this year’s Grammy.
Its fortune on red carpets in general, not just the Grammys, is probably due to the success of the "pandemic" collections presented in Venice in 2021.
Here, Rick Owens' aesthetic has probably found its highest point of expression in the proposal of more sculptural and conceptual clothes that deconstructs the ideals of elegance and wearability to propose a new model of beauty, genderless and avant-garde.


It is no coincidence that, since September 2021, his creations have appeared on the most important red carpets, worn by the most famous stars of the moment, from Zendaya who chose him for the London premiere of Dune to Timothée Chalamet who wore a total white suit by Rick Owens at the last Met Gala.

In short, the red carpets from all over the world always are and remain a source of inspiration for everyday looks, but above all, are the right place to discover the next brands destined to become famous in the near future.

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