Wool: an eco-friendly trend

Wool is back in-trend this FW/22 as the key player not only for traditional sweaters, but also for hoodies, shirts, jackets and pants. Discover all the properties and benefits of this 100% natural fibre



Warm, soft, cosy and fine.

Wool is not only one of the FW/22 trend but it’s also a natural, high-quality, eco-friendly and long-lasting textile fibre.

Let's discover together all the characteristics and benefits of wool and wool-blend fabrics and how designers are interpreting this yarn, giving it a place of honour in the winter wardrobe, especially for men.


Wool: history and properties of an ancient fibre

Wool is one of the oldest textile fibres in the world: according to some studies, there is evidence of its use as far back as Mesopotamia in the 3rd century B.C., when the Sumerians used it as the basis for making durable and versatile clothing, suitable for protecting the body.

Wool was also used for the clothing of Ancient Greeks and Romans, but it was in the Middle Ages that its use flourished on a large scale, making it a valuable trade good  throughout European communities.

Gradually, more and more selected crossbreeds and specialised processing techniques made it possible to create increasingly valuable wools, such as merino wool, cashmere and mohair.

What makes this natural fibre so special are its undisputed properties, which an artificial yarn can hardly replicate:

  • warm and thermally insulating
  • wear-resistant
  • 100% natural and sustainable



Wool as the star of FW/22

It is no coincidence that wool is once again the star of FW/22.

We find it in many items of the winter collections of the most fashionable brands: not only sweaters, but also outerwear, trousers, even hoodies and shirts.






Sweaters and vests with jacquard motifs, heavy-knitted, with designs of all kinds, from geometric to realistic to visionary, are definitely a FW/22 trend.

A good example is the Laneus hooded sweater, in a perfect combination with these tailored wool Nine:inthe:Morning trousers, but also this black mohair tennis sweater by Stussy, characterised by contrasting colour bands on the V-neck and at the cuffs. In 100% wool also this light blue pull from Paul Memoir.

Wool is also there when you can't see it: in hoodies, like this one from Bonsai with a floral motif, in polo shirts at its finest, such as merino and angora, in cardigans and in shirts, like this one from CmmnSwdn in beige wool or the camel overshirt by Emporio Armani.



Outerwear also exploits the thermo-insulating power of wool. We can easily find jackets, vests and bomber jackets with a significant percentage of this material, such as the black and white Laneus varsity jackets  and this bouclé wool version.

But Laneus is not the only brand to offer wooly outerwear .

Also Axel Arigato presents for FW/22 a wide selection of wool varsity jackets, with eco-leather sleeves, in various colourways: black, in the Illusion and green or beige in the Offense style.

Staying on the more conservative side,we find a Maison Margiela MM6's wool outerwear declination in this oversized double-breasted coat in black.



Tailored wool pants  are a real must for many brands this season, declined in an elegant style by Axel Arigato and Bonsai, more sporty for Nine:inthe:Morning which proposes wool cargo trousers.

Also interesting is the proposal from Stussy with these pleated trousers and the more traditional ones from Studio Nicholson in dark blue and Emporio Armani, which combines a classic cut with an elastic waistband. Sporty, instead, is the offer of Cmmn Swdn with cropped leg and maxi-pocket and the one of Grifoni, which give us  these wool cargo trousers with large pockets, in mud green.


Choices that fit in perfectly with the maxi-trend that proposes a return to the use of natural and sustainable materials and fibres, to make high quality garments that pollute less and last longer, to reduce the waste associated with the disposable attitude of fast fashion

The use of wool ensures an higher quality of fabrics and items and thus greater durability, keeping in with the new trend buy better, buy less.


Discover our selection of wool garments for FW/22 here.

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