Artistic perfumery: Strike launches its shop in shop

We have dedicated a corner of our boutique to perfumes. New brands include Electimuss London and Agatho, alongside established brands such as NasoMatto, Orto Parisi and Escentric Molecule. Discover the world of artistic perfumery with Strike, live and online.



Artistic perfumery is a growing trend.

According to a study conducted by LVMH's Perfumes & Cosmetics department, perfume sales have increased by 20% during the first 6 months of 2022.

Niche perfumes are at the forefront of this revolution: an NDP survey reveals that annual growth is 85%.

Major brands such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford and Celine are certainly not standing idly by, but are investing in new high-end perfume lines to compete with sector brands that are already well-known and established among artistic perfumery fans.

In short, the artistic perfumery sector seems to have what it takes to become the new frontier of extra-luxury.


Strike launches its perfume shop-in-shop



Strike has always cultivated a great passion for the world of perfumes and niche perfumery in particular. To offer its customers an immersive experience in the world of fashion, involving all the senses, including the sense of smell.

As the result of a constant research work, niche perfumes are born from the creativity of renowned noses, master perfumers who are committed to creating special fragrances that take distance from the more commercial perfumes of the best-known brands, both olfactively, thanks to the selection of high-quality raw materials and a fusion of unexpected notes, and visually, thanks to sophisticated and unusual packaging.


Alongside brands already established on the artistic perfumery scene, such as NasoMatto, OrtoParisi and Escentric Molecule, Strike has added in its selection a few emerging brands.


Electimuss London.



Getting inspired by the splendour of ancient Rome, Electimuss seeks to reproduce the olfactory notes through research and experimentation.

Among the best-known and best-loved fragrances are:

Marcurial Cashmere, the latest addition to Electimuss, this fragrance is characterised by its woody and floral notes, with a fresh and pungent first impact thanks to Pink Pepper and Bergamot, followed by a more persistent vanilla aroma, whose sweetness is muted by a heart of grey amber, tuberose, iris and violet.

Black Caviar, launched on the market in 2019, this unisex fragrance  is immediately recognisable for its distinctly woody, spicy and aromatic notes, making it suitable for those who love intense and decisive scents. With vetiver and patchouli as base and top notes of wood, Black Caviar retains a certain freshness thanks to the heart of lavender, sage and rosemary.

Imperium, created by Sofia Bardelli, is a more delicate fragrance, characterised by strong floral and citrus notes, given by a heart of lily, rose and jasmine and a base of vanilla and musk.





With its Pompei Collection, the brand emphasises the excellence of ointments and all-natural raw materials, inspired by the legacy of the Pompeian civilisation.

Among the most popular fragrances:

Giardini di Ercole, launched in 2019 and created by Maurizio Cerizza, is a perfume with a strong and velvety aroma, characterised by woody notes of incense, patchouli, amber and musk.

Rosso Pompeiano, perhaps the most famous of the brand's fragrances, is a refined and iconic scent, able to leave its mark thanks to the refined notes of ylang ylang, heliotrope, damascus rose orange blossom and cashmere wood.

Adonis, characterised by strong floral notes, first and foremost rose, citrusy and spicy enough to add freshness.


How can we fail to mention two great classics:

Megamare by Orto Parisi, a fragrance capable of recalling the smell of a stormy sea thanks to ozonated and fresh top notes and a more irony and cold heart and base notes, recalling the idea of the seabed.

Black Afgano by NasoMatto, woody, aromatic, the work of Alessandro Gualtieri, with hints of tobacco, incense and coffee and smoky, amber notes that make it sexy, glamorous, unbridled.



Perfume, therefore, ceases to be considered as an unnecessary-accessory, linked exclusively to the sphere of sensuality, but becomes a true extension of one's style, linking closely to apparel and becoming a privileged vehicle for telling one's story.

From a simple fragrance, perfume elevates into a sensorial jewel, behind which lie cultural inspirations, artistic research and workmanship of excellence.

An indispensable way to communicate one's personality to the world.


Come and discover the fragrances we have selected for you in our boutique corner and online shop: