Represent: British aesthetics, street style and attention to trends


Represent was born at the crossroads of grunge style, streetwear and the coolest trends of the moment. A brand that speaks to young people and is loved for its attention to detail and attractive price/quality ratio.


When British street style with a slightly grunge flavour merges with innovation and new trends,  it gives birth to a brand able to combine past and future in a recognisable aesthetic.

Represent is a young brand, capable to meet the needs of a trend-conscious public but faithful to a certain style: let’s discover together its history, mood, origins and the new capsule of essential garments "Owner's Club".




Brand History


Born almost as a joke from the idea of two British brothers, George and Michael Heaton, Represent initially found its core business in the denim pant and printed t-shirts: as former graphic design students, the Heaton brothers began to create their first t-shirts and sweats with avant-garde prints.  A distinctive feature which has remained unchanged over the years, while adapting from time to time to emerging trends, as in the new autumn/winter 2022/23 collection, in which animals are the protagonists of the graphics.

Another cornerstone of the brand is, as we were saying, denim: declined in various forms and types of garments, what stands out - and makes the brand famous - are the skinny jeans, characterised by decorations in overlapping layers, cuts and rips made with art, as in the case of the destroyed jeans.

The breakthrough came with the appreciation of artists such as Dua Lipa and Justin Bibier, who took Represent creations around the world, wearing them at their concerts and thus giving the it an international resonance.




Iconic Garments





From the jeans, the step towards a total look - loved by young people for its trendy style and winning value for money - is a short one. Along with hoodies and t-shirts come tracksuits, jumpers and flannel overshirts, another iconic garment that sets the brand apart. The sneakers are also going strong, thanks to the simplicity of the model, the quality of the materials and the geometric patterns that characterise the decoration.

This year the focus is on outwear, especially the puffer  jackets, here shown in classic street colours: black and white. The Owners Club capsule collection also deserves a mention as the new of the year. Its strong point is the essential lines and trendy colours of its garments, such as green, brown and royal blue.


Brand’s mood


The mood is subtly dark, essential, minimal.

Attention to detail can be seen in the clean lines and oversize fits, in the selection of materials, a skilful mix of natural and technical fabrics. The extreme simplicity of the garments is broken up and embellished not only by the prints, but also by very linear patterns, such as the jacquard motif of this matching hoodie and sweatpant.

All these elements make Represent a brand definitely worth discovering.

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