SWEDISH MAFIA: Here's how the Swedish wave will sweep over us.


Sweden, land of minimalist design and pristine nature.

With their attention to detail, quality fabrics, and a clean, sophisticated aesthetic, Swedish brands are winning the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Let's find out together how they are rewriting the rules of contemporary fashion and luxury with a closer look at Strike's proposal of  this season.



Our Legacy is one of the most interesting brands of the moment and its SS23 does not disappoint our expectations. The collection is full of garments with clean and minimal silhouettes, but at the same time endowed with personality and originality like the sheer tops that add a touch of sensuality to any look; the orange nylon bomber jacket instead is perfect for rainy spring days or to give a pop of color to a neutral outfit. Oversized check shirts are a must-have for those who love the grunge style of the 1990s, but reinterpreted in a current key. Lastly, noteworthy are the famous Camion Boots and sunglasses that complete the image of a sophisticated collection that knows how to mix different elements creating an homogeneous result.

Click here and experience the timeless elegance of Our Legacy's SS23 collection.




Cmmn Swdn was founded in Malmö in 2012 by Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund. 

The SS23 collection is an ode to the beauty of nature, inspired by Scandinavian landscapes, with earth, sky and sea tones blending together to create a unique harmony. Half-sleeve shirts in multicolored crochet alternate with embroidered flared jeans, cotton satin jackets overlap with loose-fit tank tops, all embellished with handcrafted wooden accessories!

Natural and sustainable fabrics such as linen and organic cotton give the collection a fresh, clean look perfect for the warm Seasons ahead. The garments are versatile and adaptable to any occasions, from work to drinks with friends. Cmmn Swdn's SS23 collection is an invitation to relax and enjoy your free time, wearing comfortable and in-fashion garments. What are you waiting for? Click on the link and discover the whole collection!



Sunflower, an emerging brand in the Swedish fashion scene, has made contemporaneity its flag. The ss23 is entirely made from eco-friendly materials, and the result is striking: classic pieces but with modern and original details, such as striped shirts or printed five-pocket denim pant. Not to forget the prints, bright colors and fun textures, perfect for those who want to stand out and experiment with new trends.

If you are looking for a contemporary look that is also environmentally friendly, don't miss the opportunity to discover Sunflower's collection.

Click on the link and be won over by its unique aesthetic.




Axel Arigato was founded in 2014 in Stockholm as a leather sneakers company. To date, the brand stands out for its ability to mix minimalism, design and streetwear in a mix of contemporary and timeless style. Perfect examples of this are the varsity t-shirts and flower print denim.  What makes Axel Arigato even more attractive is the excellent value for money capable of satisfying any generations.

Click on the link to find out more about its  collection and add a touch of Swedish style to your wardrobe.

Our mission

In conclusion, we like to think that our research and selection of  brands is done with the same passion and care that we put into building our personale wardrobe. Everyday we try to bring new and exciting, alternative but quality proposals to our online and physical store that can make our customers feel part of a community that loves style and originality. We like to imagine that with every purchase made in our store, our customers feel part of Strike, sharing our attention to detail and the passion for fashion.

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