Shirt, history of an ancient garment that is ready to come back into fashion



The shirt has never really gone out of fashion. But 2022 will be the year of its revenge on the t-shirt, with many new proposals ranging from styles, trends and new materials.



If the abandonment of the etiquette and of a certain rigid dress code had made the more sporty t-shirts preferable to shirts, especially in recent years, now the time has come for a change.

After about 5 years of hegemony, reinforced by pandemic looks in the name of comfort and relaxed shapes, the t-shirt can finally go back, at least for a while, into the drawer, to make room once again for its chic "sister", the shirt.

However, it gets a modern makeover and returns to the catwalks with a completely new mood, which manages to combine all the new trends of the moment.


History of the shirt, an ancient garment that never really went out of fashion


The shirt is perhaps one of the oldest garment of clothing.

First worn by the Persians and the ancient Romans as an undergarment, it gradually became a symbol of nobility and wealth during the Renaissance, when it was enriched with embroidery, until it took on a real social role, first in combination with a tie, then with the arrival of starched collars and cuffs, which gave it the austerity sought by men holding public office.

Although it still preserves its official aura today - it is no coincidence that the expression 'white collar' continues to be used - the shirt was officially cleared through customs in the 1920s, when it became a versatile garment, also suitable for sport, as a work uniform and worn by youngsters and women as a symbol of protest and social emancipation.  


One item, many trends: in-style return of the shirt

If there is one garment which, thanks to its versatility, can adapt to trends that are very different from each other, meeting the needs of different styles, that is the shirt for sure.

Casual, elegant, sustainable, but also streetwear, oversize, genderless: the shirt can be all of this and more. Let's see together all Strike proposals.


Classic yet modern.


The shirt, as we know, is a timeless classic. But in 2022 it acquires new shapes, a modern cut that manages to be classic and contemporary at the same time. Like the blue cropped shirt by Grifoni or the white stretch shirt by Aglini, both in cotton poplin.


Eco-friendrly, genderless ans sustainable.



Moving on genres and brand,  Endless Joy propose silk and rayon shirts, an innovative fabric obtained from cellulose and therefore highly sustainable in terms of environmental impact.

Here is the Strike proposal.

Primitive, exotic and esoteric prints for this eco-friendly brand whose motto is "less is more" and which also embrace a genderless genderless approach. Thus, the shirt becomes oversized and so worn as a dress by  women. A versatile choice that, depending on the accessories, can interpret different styles, from street to casual and, why not, even become elegant.





Even streetwear brands didn't miss the opportunity to take part in the "race" for the most beautiful, precious and  brilliant shirt. But they did it, in most cases, by remaining faithful to their essence and identity, such as Stussy, which offers a mesh shirt with front zip closure, strictly made out of technical fabric, and Barrow, which does not renounce to the kidcore aesthetic, characterising its half sleeve shirt with multicolour prints and smile, typical of its style.

The streetwear proposals also include the zip shirt by Alyx, an unconventional trend that will almost certainly be on the crest of the wave in the coming years.


A thousand and one fabrics.



Fabrics and textiles are the variables par excellence, capable of changing the mood and style of a garment: well, the shirt adapts well to all materials, and in fact there is none that has not been experimented with it.

These range from the knitwear proposals of Carne Bollente and Cmmn Swdn, colonial shirts that feels exquisitely retro, to the denim and canvas shirts of A-cold-wall, which more than other brands has been experimenting with fabrics in the laste few years.


Tailored wool shirt and overshirt, new trend.



Tailored wool shirt and overshirt, new trend.

Long- or short-sleeved, designed to be worn with trousers or Bermuda shorts matching fabric and colour, in perfect sintony with the current trend of uniform style. Or, unpaired, to be used as overshirt worn on top of sweatshirts and  t-shirts.

Proposed by both Grifoni and Lownn, the wool shirt will be the new trend for 2022.





Uniform Trend. 

Uniform trend.

But it doesn't end there.

The shirt also lends itself to following another big trend of the year: the uniform.

Whether in wool or any other material, the combination of top and bottom is no longer just the one of the traditional coordinates, but it is declining in new ways, also involving shirts. Like those proposed by Nine in the Morning , with a basic colour palette and square cuts with a military feel.


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