Dr.Martens x Rick Owens: the boldest collab of the FW/22


Bold, cheeky, contemporary: the Dr.Martens x Rick Owens collaboration does not disappoint and indeed does justice to both brands, enhancing their expressive capabilities in a perfect interweaving.


Bold and undoubtedly highly anticipated. 

The Dr.Martens x Rick Owens collaboration is certainly one of the most interesting partnerships of the season.

 The reason for the expectation created around this collaboration is simple: on one hand, there are the undisputed successes already achieved by Rick Owens in choosing to collaborate with famous footwear brands, from Converse to Birkenstock, passing through the vegan friendly brand Veja.

On the other, there is an almost historical reason, a fil rouge that has united the vicissitudes of the two brands in recent decades. 

The sudden rise of Rick Owens, which today asserts itself on the international scene as a leading brand of genderless, non-conformist fashion, made of contradictions and opposites that attract, is accompanied by the rebirth of a punk and underground style that has always characterised Dr.Martens. 

A union that could not be long in coming, and which today expresses itself in a grunge-inspired collab, thanks to deconstructed, architectural styles, faithful to a decadent aesthetic.



Rick Owens reinvents the most iconic Dr.Martens boot


The choice of the style to be reinterpreted could only fall on one of the most iconic boots of all time in the Dr.Martens collection: the Jadon boot with Platform 1460 Bex sole, one of the most famous and beloved shoe of the Nineties, is re-proposed in a post-modern and visionary key by the famous American designer. The Air Wair back label, a highly recognisable symbol of Dr.Martens boots, remains in place but changes colour: instead of the traditional yellow it is tinged pearly white to match the laces. 

Rick Owens' touch is evident in the choice of materials and colours, such as pony skin, but not only. 

His signature is in the lacing, characterised by the jumbo laces trend so dear to the designer.

The revisitation allows for a skilful mix of the distinctive elements of both brands, which, as one might expect, blend perfectly.


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