Around the world with Strike: European Capitals Special

Every trip has its own look. Follow us to discover the perfect outfit for visiting the trendiest European capitals of the moment. What’s your next destination?



Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm.

The European capitals have always had their charm and summer holidays are the ideal time to visit them, breathing in the festive and cosmopolitan atmosphere that always characterise a summer spent in a big  a city.


Strike takes you on a tour of Europe's four most 'fashionable' capitals, guiding you on a little journey through places, fashion, local trends and must-have outfits.


Paris, Capital of Haute Couture





Paris means fashion.

Homeland of Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, to name just  a few of the most famous designers who have made history, the French capital has held the record as the European capital of Haute Couture for over a century.

Good taste, sophistication, tradition and elegance are the cornerstones of a mood that never goes out of fashion, despite the passing years. Paris is still chosen by the most prestigious brands and the most leading  designers to throw  memorable fashion shows, destined to remain in the annals.

Visiting Paris you should not miss the Louvre, setting of Paris Fashion Week in recent years. Then take a stroll through the LGBTQ district Le Marais, which is also home to the main showrooms during fashion week.

During the day time, the most suitable look is a combination of comfort and understated elegance: the 3.Paradis t-shirt, made in collaboration with PSG, goes perfectly with the 1017 Alyx 9SM shorts, unmistakable due to the rollercoaster buckle. The white leather Axel Arigato high top trainers complete the look.

End your afternoon visit to the Centre Pompidou, museum of contemporary art, with an aperitif on the rooftop terrace, Le Georges, to enjoy a magnificent view of the city from above.

CoCo Paris, in the 9th Arrondissement, awaits you in the heart of Paris Opera for a luxury dinner. Dress code mandatory! Respect it without going unnoticed with the Lownn black suit: wide trousers with triple pleat and the zip jacket, to be matched with the white shirt with metal logo 1017 Alyx 9SM, very elegant in its simplicity. A pair of College Mocassins give the outfit the finishing touch.

The night is young: for those who love the wee hours, the Silencio Club in Rue Montmartre hosts parties with world's top DJ sets, to honour the tradition of what was already a century ago the district of bohemian leisure.



London, underground style





Along with Paris, the British capital is home to one of the Big Four, the four most avant-garde Fashion Weeks that dictate annual trends. Still today, London preserves and expresses a fashion mood that remains in balance between the sumptuous luxury of brands that reflect the elegance of perfect English style and the rebellious spirit of its punk-rock soul, all to be discovered by getting lost in the markets of Portobello Road.

The one-day itinerary in the city centre includes a tour of markets, carboot sales, vintage shops and small boutiques, in search of unique garments with an unmistakable London look. For an aperitif, the choice is between Soho House, exclusive and trendy club, and the more authentic London Fields, a city's green lung and meeting place.

The ideal look is going to be street style inspired, with the Awake NY outfit, shorts and anorak jacket, ideal to protect you from a sudden rain - with the accompanying drop of  temperature. Then, when the sun shines back, get rid of the jacket to sport the minimalist t-shirt with front logo by A Cold Wall. The baseball cap , still from Awake NY, with the dual function of protecting from the sun and the cold, and S.W.C. high top trainers are a must.

But it is after dusk that London shows  its best, with plenty of clubs and bars to enjoy the other side of the world's busiest and most orderly city. For dinner, go against the trend by trying an Asian restaurant: from Thai to Vietnamese, Indian to Korean, and the more traditional Japanese and Chinese, London is famous for its ethnic food proposal.

End the evening to the sound of music: from pubs offering live music to small clubs in East and South London offering niche music, from big discos to Brixotn small clubs where you can dance to reggae or dub. Whatever your musical tastes, London promises to satisfy them.

You choose the music, we recommend the total look 1017 Alyx 9SM. The white long-sleeved t-shirt and the  oversized hoodie matches perfectly with the nylon cargo pants. Complete the look with the oversized backpack and futuristic slip-on rubber  sneakers, both iconic pieces from Matthew Williams' brand.


Berlin, pure avant-garde






A pioneering city par excellence, over the last 30 years Berlin has never ceased to surprise its own inhabitants with its progressive and innovative mood, which has earned it the title of avant-garde capital in many areas, from architecture to music through design.

Home, in the early 2000s, to prestigious trade fairs such as Bread&Butter, Panorama, Premium Group and Neonyt, Berlin has certainly suffered, especially in the last two years, from the rise of online fashion, but it remains a prolific meeting place for young designers in search of inspiration, especially in the tech and sustainable spheres, a crossroads of different cultures, traditions, customs and habits. This is its greatest strength.

The perfect look to visit  Berlin will similarly be characterised by a fusion of elements, comfort and aesthetics above all.

Let's start this time with the shoes, which can only be Adidas: the timeless white Superstars dominate the look, creating an interesting contrast with the bright colour of the 032C sweatshirt, also echoed in the design of the long-sleeved T-shirt, also from 032C - like Adidas, a German brand. The Axel Arigato straight-leg bermuda shorts give the look a distinctive aesthetic touch.

 In the morning, take a trip to the Maybachufer Turkish market in the heart of Kreuzberg, a symbol of multicultural Berlin. In the afternoon, after a compulsory visit to the Urban Nation to appreciate Berlin's street art masterpieces, get lost through the streets of Neukölln, an international neighbourhood sullo f  vintage boutiques and trendy bars, in search of unique clothes. End your afternoon stroll on the terrace of the Klunkerkranich, the sixth and top floor of a shopping centre, also in the Neukölln district.

At dinner, you are spoilt for choice: try one of the many vegan restaurants, be tempted by Turkish cuisine or be enveloped in the warm atmosphere of the wooden beer gardens. Then it's late night at Berghain, the city's most famous club, once a power station and now an international temple for techno music lovers.

Dark and irreverent, the ideal look could only be from Rick Owens, who has dedicated the famous Berlin Sweatpants to the city: our proposal is completed with the jumbo tee ,the high nylon trainers with star laces and the Axel Arigato zipped racket for a black total look.


Stockholm, minimalist soul



Stockholm is one of the European cities that, in recent times, has gradually built an increasingly strong and influential reputation in various fields, including fashion.

Capital of minimalism, the Swedish city has given birth to many of the most loved street style brands - and not only: Acne Studios, Axel Arigato, Cmmn Swdn, Eytys, up to Strike's latest new entry, Our Legacy, available from December 22 with the SS23 collection.

Between nostalgia for the past and a projection towards an increasingly ethical, sustainable and technological future, Stockholm has a fresh and young life-style that is in no way lesser  to other cities with a much stronger fashion tradition behind it.

After a tour of Gamla Stan, Stockholm's beautiful old town, take a boat tour to see the city from a different perspective. Visit Skepssholmen, the island of boats, and Sodermalm, Stockholm's most alternative district, cradle of artists and designers, and enjoy a refreshing snack at Rosendals Tradgard, a bistro-greenhouse that tells the story of the city's green and sustainable soul, located on the island of Djurgarden.

Maybe you don't know it, but Stockholm is the ideal city to take a 'metropolitan' bath, i.e. without straying too far from the city but rather staying right in the centre: there is no shortage of opportunities to dive into the Baltic Sea - sporting a perfect beach look.

The shirt and trouser suit by Swedish brand Cmmn Swdn fulfils this purpose perfectly, giving an exotic touch thanks to sandy colours and fringes. Ideal paired with tobacco-coloured leather Birkenstock mules.

Extend the afternoon with a late dinner at the Strandbryggan Sea Club, to stay near the sea, waiting for a sunset that never comes, before kicking off the Swedish nightlife. After an obligatory tour of the bars in Sodermalm, the evening carries on at Hell's Kitchen, one of Stockholm's best-known nightclubs, hell’s decorated and one of the few to stay open after 3am. Elegance here is a detail not to be overlooked: make your entrance in style with a total look by Axel Arigato, another brand proudly made in Sweden. From the oversized blazer to the slightly flared trousers, from the white t-shirt with provocative "You're on mute" slogan to the white leather sneakers with caramel sole, everything speaks of an unmistakable style.



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