Ugly Sandals: the ugliness that never goes out of fashion

Birth, rise and achievements of ugly sandals, the “ugly” trend that never lose currency

To say 'ugly' in this case is no offence.

Because it is precisely on the anti-aesthetic philosophy  that ugly sandals have built their hegemony, on the catwalks and (above all) in everyday life.

Icon of “loser style”, a comfortable choice for those who choose to abandon closed shoes to embrace comfort and freedom from constraints in spring, ugly sandals are now to all intents and purposes a streetstyle trend, even worn by celebrities, in all shapes and sizes.

And, after three years, they don't hint at going out of style, but rather evolve into new, unexpected shapes, with new samples and materials that become more and more futuristic - and uglier.

Because the concept of beauty is fickle, subjective, it changes over time.

While ugly is destined to remain.


Ugly Sandals, from the origin of the trend to the modern era



By now it sounds like an urban legend, but it is the pure truth.

It all started with Birkenstocks worn, often with socks, by German tourists - and judged by all fashion connoisseurs to be the death of style.

A choice that actually conceals a very precise philosophy, which goes beyond the concept of mere comfort on the altar of which appearance is sacrificed. The idea of 'a healthy foot in a healthy body', to paraphrase a Latin aphorism, has been rooted in German culture for centuries: as great lovers of outdoor walks, Germans have always worn orthopaedic footwear - and Birkenstock is not the only brand, although it is the most famous, to produce it in Germany.

When exactly the double-buckle sandals stopped being considered as object of scorn and became trendy is unclear: the fact is that, in recent years, Birkenstocks have appeared on the feet of the most famous stars of the jet-set, from Chiara Ferragni to Kylie Jenner, as well as on the catwalks of all the biggest high-fashion brands, thanks to collaborations that have left people speechless – above all the unofficial one with Hermes, which saw a deconstructed Birkin transformed into a 'Birkinstock'.


Comfort trend, unstoppable


The main reason for this success lies in the actual comfort of these shoes. The influence of celebrities has done the rest, transforming a garment considered for 'losers' into a trend-setting object of desire.

So much so that, a few years after the Birkenstocks fever, the same fate of success also befell Crocs, which appeared last year on the Balenciaga catwalk and, immediately afterwards, on the red carpet at the Oscars, triggering a true genuine sandal-mania.

The rest, we might say, is history.

The slipper of every type and shape get out of bedroom and become a trendy shoe, perfect to wear on any occasion. Emerging brands have not been slow to catch the provocation, producing sandals for every style and every need.

Let's discover the Strike proposals!


Ugly Sandals: Strike's proposals


The Strike proposals range across different styles and types: from the futuristic sandals by Axel Arigato, in a flip-flop version and as proper slipper with a platform sole, to the all-rubber slip-on trainers by 1017 Alyx 9SM.

For the more traditionalists, the classic rubber beach slipper, to be worn barefoot but also, for the more daring, with  socks, may be the right choice.

Here are our two proposals: in black with flames by Acupunture and in white with a platform sole by Adidas.

Lastly, for gorpcore lovers, Suicoke proposes sandals with platform soles and velcro straps reminiscent of the style of trekking shoes, without living-up stylish contaminations such as non-traditional colours and patterns, from red to lilac, and contrasting details, such as tassels, that recall a boho style.


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